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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Message 12: Live In Gratitude Every Day

Live and feel your gratitude every day. 

Everything in our world is a gift. Gratitude for the things we have end experience is our way of demonstrating Love to the Creator for these gifts. It’s not just gratitude for the big things. We've been asked to be grateful for the little things in our lives, and to show our gratitude to others for what they bring to our lives.

True gratitude is a state of deep feeling of love and appreciation for what we do have, for what we have been given, and for what we experience every day of our live no matter how small or insignificant. And the purpose of gratitude is not to get more stuff as some New Age gurus claim. Its purpose, its real purpose, is to show love back to the Source of Everything.
That's it. It all comes back to love.
Gratitude is a state of deep loving. Ideally, it is more than just lip-service or a recitation of memorized words - it really is the deep feelings in our bodies and souls that go along with the grateful words we might choose to express. When we allow ourselves to deeply feel gratitude in the core of our beings, and then express it verbally, that is when we are truly feeling love and appreciation for what we do have.
If we express appreciation to another person and we are allowing ourselves to really feel it internally, the recipient will then know it’s genuine and heart-felt. 
Gratitude does come back and help us, too. True gratitude is a state of feeling or being that cleanses the heart and the soul. Feeling that gratitude deeply bathes us in light and love. How might we feel after we allow deep appreciation to wash through our heart-spaces? We may feel more at peace and more connected to the people around us (or to God or nature). We might feel relief, or perhaps we will cry and be overcome with joy.
To feel love and appreciation for what we have been given is gratitude’s purest and deepest form of expression.
The energy and power of those feelings of love and appreciation reverberate through the world of Spirit - much more so than words alone. Love transcends all. Love goes right from our physical plane to the Spiritual realm. The Divine feels it, and smiles, when He feels our love and appreciation coming back.

More details, including my thoughts and some additional exercises on feeling your gratitude, are in the book: Awakenings from the Light.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Message 11: Live Your Life to Its Fullest

You have one and only one chance at life as the person you are now. Just one chance. Live your life to its fullest each day, spend your time wisely, and allow yourself to truly feel what it means to be alive as you. Please don’t squander this gift. Live your life to its fullest as an expression of gratitude and Love to the Divine.

What comes after the lives we have now is unimaginably wonderful. I experienced just a small bit of it and even with that, didn't want to come back here to Earth. Heaven is an existence filled with love and beauty. It is a “place” of love, one-ness, unity, and Spirit. It is amazing, but so are these lives we have on this Earth, right now!
Our lives are huge gifts to be enjoyed, savored, and lived completely. No matter your religious or spiritual beliefs, you have only one chance to live life as the beautiful person you are now
Think about that for a moment.
Even if you believe in some form of reincarnation, you are only this you, once.
Please do not waste this chance to savor your amazing life in all its nuances. Live your life wisely, lovingly, respectfully, and responsibly, but also fully in whatever way that means to you. Don’t allow fear or others’ desires for your life to stand in the way of living your dreams.
Spirit doesn't want us to put off living a special, glorious life now on the promise of a beautiful “Heaven” ahead. Doing that is a waste of all of the opportunity that the Divine has given us now in our earthly lives. We are to live our dreams and lives fully, as best as we can, intentionally, with mindfulness, in glorious homage to Spirit. We can create our own slice of Heaven in our lives right now and in doing so, we can bring a little of that Heaven into the lives of others too.
By living in-Spirit and in Beauty, we can bring a little bit of Heaven into the lives of those around us.

More details, including my thoughts, are in the book: Awakenings from the Light.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Message 10: Power of Choice

Ultimately, our most powerful tool for this life is our power of choice. Our power over our thoughts, words, and actions is our most incredible gift and tool for living the lives we want. 

Use this gift of choice wisely, and with love and compassion in your heart.

We do have the power over our own words and actions. Even though choosing our words and actions may not be easy, in concept it seems to make sense. What may be more difficult to understand is that we ultimately have the power over our thoughts and feelings as well.  
If we choose to use all of these carefully, intentionally, with love in our hearts and positive intentions, we can be powerful in many positive ways. But if we use these things in uninformed, negative, or malicious state of minds, with negative intent and not aligned with Spirit, they can easily hurt or destroy ourselves or others. 

Everything we do (including the words we speak, our actions, and thoughts) has an effect on the world around us. We can think of these as energy radiating outward from our centers. Our words and actions do not just affect us, they travel outward and impact those around us. The sphere of that impact can be quite large.
My Guide stated this many times but I think it bears repeating. A negative state of mind is not just something that we hold on to. Our negative state of mind can easily affect others. We may snap at our families, use harsh words, or perhaps even lash out physically without really thinking. 
Similarly, a positive state of mind has a positive sphere of influence radiating out from you. If you are in a positive, happy mindset, how you treat others will doubtless reflect that. You will treat others in a positive way - using kind words, doing good things, and being helpful and compassionate.

While we can't control the actions of others, we should realize that our actions can and do affect others.

More details, including my thoughts on this topic, as well as "manifesting", are in the book: Awakenings from the Light.

NOTES: A terrific yet simple and practical explanation can be found in Ken Elliott's book "Manifesting 1-2-3".
See the books of Dr. Daniel Amen on ways to control ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts). His series on "Change Your Brain..." are especially helpful.

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Message 9: You Are Never Alone

We are never alone. We are surrounded by Love and Spirit all of the time - every second of every day. Even in our darkest hours, Spirit is with us. Be still, and feel that Love.

Many of us today feel profoundly alone and lonely. We are surrounded by people, but seem stymied when it comes to making real connections with others. We may feel isolated from Spirit, failing to sense Its presence or even doubting its existence.
When I was in Heaven, my Guide showed me that our loneliness saddens those in the Spirit realm. 
You see, the realm of Spirit really isn’t a separate place that we travel to when we die; in large part, it’s simply a shift of phase, of “state”, and it is here all around us right now. But that realm isn’t “physical” so it’s impossible for most of us to sense it with our human bodies. But Spirit and those in that plane of existence can be, and often are, around us all of the time. 
That’s why I say that we are never alone. Just as in the realms of Spirit, that loving presence flows around us and through us constantly. Spirit’s love is with us. The Divine walks beside us, behind us. He’s got our backs.
The Divine Presence is with us in our hearts, always. We just need to be still to feel him there, to experience his presence within us.

Try to hear Spirit's voice in your heart, feel that presence in your soul. See if you can spot the Divine in your child’s eyes, or in those sunflower seeds you’re planting. Those little seeds will burst forth with incredible energy and fervor and in a few short weeks, and you will have some of the biggest, most brilliant flowers in your garden! A true miracle. All from a small bundle of almost-nothing.
It is a miracle. And yes, it is biology too. And Spirit’s presence makes it all possible. It is the Source of life. It is the Source of creativity. 
Spirit is the Source.

So you see, you’re never alone. Spirit in all its forms is with you, in us, all of the time. 

More details, including my thoughts and some ideas on reconnecting with the Divine, are in the book: Awakenings from the Light.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Message 8 (cont'd): My Experiences in Listening to My Heart

Back in late May, I made a pledge to live a year listening to, and following, the voice of my "heart" rather than blindly doing what my brain told me I should do. I knew from experience that the voice of knowledge in my brain didn't often bring me happiness or put me on a "good" path. In fact, that voice of knowledge often led me down roads that I wish now I had not taken, or asked me to close doors that in hindsight I would have been better off walking though.

"Crow Medicine" - In many Native American traditions, crows were thought to be Spirit's messengers.

Some may call this heart-voice our intuition, others may call it the voice of the Divine. Whatever it is, listening to what it's telling me is a different approach to living than I have allowed myself in the past. While I haven't abandoned logic or reasoning, I do make a real effort to put much more weight on the guidance of my heart or intuition now.

So what's happened in the first four months of my grand experiment?

Well, nothing terribly spectacular has happened yet, but I feel deeply that my life is on a good path. I'm much happier with myself and my life's direction, I have less stress about my daily life and my future, and I don't really worry anymore. Some of this is probably due to meeting my Maker back in January, but I think most is from knowing that my heart-centered decisions are now in alignment with who I really am at my core.

If I have an opportunity put in front of me now, I think about whether it feels "right" for me to pursue it. If it does feel right and no one is going to get hurt, I do it. An example of this is a recent incident with a dangerous hunting situation here in Colorado. I felt deeply that I needed to get involved, that I needed to write something that might prompt the state to make some changes to hunting laws. So I wrote a blog article that turned into a formal petition. As a result of this heart-centered effort, I met many new, cool people that I would not have met. One of them is a pro-hunting attorney and ethics instructor who will use my writeup of this incident in an upcoming "train-the-trainer" book (a book meant to train hunters' safety instructors). His concern, and the concern of a lot of other hunters in his circle, mirrored mine and we're coming together to (we hope) make hunting safer for everyone in Colorado.

Would I have done something like this in the past? I can honestly say that no, I would not have gotten involved with such a potentially volatile situation. I would have been terrified of making waves, of shedding light on a law that needed to be changed, of being noticed, and for speaking from my heart and mind.

In the last four months, I've also noted that my artistic creativity and productivity have skyrocketed. My heart-centered decision to leave my technical job freed up my creative muse to go crazy, in a good way! I can't wait to get to the easel every day, ideas flow effortlessly (so many that I can't keep up), and my "craft" of painting is better than it's ever been. Many more opportunities related to my art are flowing to me easily and more quickly than I ever would have imagined - perhaps because I am living more in alignment with who I was meant to be.

And overall, I notice that I am more open, more buoyant, and, well, just plain happier. What's not to like about that?

More details, including my thoughts, are in the book: Awakenings from the Light.

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