Message 12: Live In Gratitude Every Day

Live and feel your gratitude every day. 

Everything in our world is a gift. Gratitude for the things we have end experience is our way of demonstrating Love to the Creator for these gifts. It’s not just gratitude for the big things. We've been asked to be grateful for the little things in our lives, and to show our gratitude to others for what they bring to our lives.

True gratitude is a state of deep feeling of love and appreciation for what we do have, for what we have been given, and for what we experience every day of our live no matter how small or insignificant. And the purpose of gratitude is not to get more stuff as some New Age gurus claim. Its purpose, its real purpose, is to show love back to the Source of Everything.
That's it. It all comes back to love.
Gratitude is a state of deep loving. Ideally, it is more than just lip-service or a recitation of memorized words - it really is the deep feelings in our bodies and souls that go along with the grateful words we might choose to express. When we allow ourselves to deeply feel gratitude in the core of our beings, and then express it verbally, that is when we are truly feeling love and appreciation for what we do have.
If we express appreciation to another person and we are allowing ourselves to really feel it internally, the recipient will then know it’s genuine and heart-felt. 
Gratitude does come back and help us, too. True gratitude is a state of feeling or being that cleanses the heart and the soul. Feeling that gratitude deeply bathes us in light and love. How might we feel after we allow deep appreciation to wash through our heart-spaces? We may feel more at peace and more connected to the people around us (or to God or nature). We might feel relief, or perhaps we will cry and be overcome with joy.
To feel love and appreciation for what we have been given is gratitude’s purest and deepest form of expression.
The energy and power of those feelings of love and appreciation reverberate through the world of Spirit - much more so than words alone. Love transcends all. Love goes right from our physical plane to the Spiritual realm. The Divine feels it, and smiles, when He feels our love and appreciation coming back.

More details, including my thoughts and some additional exercises on feeling your gratitude, are in the book: Awakenings from the Light.

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