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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Reader Q&A, Part 2

By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light 

More wonderful questions! Thank you all for asking.

Why do you think people who have had NDEs tend to report differences? Yes, there are some similarities among all of them, but there are differences, too.

People have been reporting NDEs, STEs (spiritually-transformative experiences), OBEs (out-of-body experiences), and spiritual visions/communications for many thousands of years. This is nothing new. Some of the key or core aspects are startlingly similar among them, and across religions and cultures:
  • Divine Love, acceptance, welcoming
  • Light
  • Spiritual beings, deceased relatives/loved ones, religious figures
  • Heavenly song/music
  • Loss of pain and suffering
But some things are different, too. Why? Well, I believe the main reason is that NDErs did not experience final physical death. In short, an NDE is only a precursor to final, full death. It's a preview of coming attractions...not the full movie. We came back, after all.
As such, most of us NDErs typically only experience the first steps in the afterlife transition process. After physical death, each soul seems to go through a process of shedding the association with the human cloak and merging again with the Divine. We carry a part of our human identities and beliefs with us for a time after physical death. Some souls need different things during this transition period to let go of what we were, so thus the experiences are different. And this process can take a different amount of "time" depending on the soul. NDErs typically don't make it past this stage...the vast majority of us get sent back or choose to come back while we are still very firmly connected with our humanity. So if you assume there are, say, 15 different phases of the transition process, most NDErs may get sent back before they make it to step 6 for example (I'm just making that number up to illustrate my point...I really don't think there are a certain number of defined
phases, like progressing through university to get a degree).

So, we are sent back while we are still in the process of letting go of the human being or "me" that we were, in that stage where we were being transitioned differently depending on our individual needs.

Some NDErs actually DO seem to make it past this stage, though. My friend Diedre recounts one example of what can happen when we are allowed to peer past the veil of our humanity in her book, "While I was Out"

Why some NDErs are allowed to pass the stage of their humanness and and come back, I don't know. I am glad that some have, though, so that we can begin to piece together what comes in the hereafter...

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Reader Q&A, Part 1

By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light 

As promised, I'm going to take a few weeks to answer some readers' questions. The first is:

Why do you think some people who are close to death report having NDEs (Near-Death Experiences) and some do not? Does this mean that not everyone's consciousness survives the death of the body?

If you've read my book or watched me on YouTube, you probably know my perspective by now. Consciousness absolutely survives death. But why do some people report having NDEs and some don't? I think there are probably multiple explanations.

From people I have spoken with in private, there are folks who DO experience NDEs and simply don't report them to loved ones or medical staff. Yes, people are still afraid to report NDEs, or simply don't want the attention, or don't want to have to consider the implications of their experience...even with those people who are closest to them. And as certain religious groups attempt to demonize NDErs, I believe you will see the trend to keep quiet, increase. Along those lines, I think some people have NDEs but don't consider them real, or are afraid to consider them real, and simply try to forget and go on with their lives. And like dreams, I think some people have them but just flat-out don't remember. Most folks don't have 100% dream recall...I suspect it's the same is true with NDEs.

I had what I suspect was an NDE back when I was 5 years old (surviving my first traumatic accident). I was only a child so didn't know what I was experiencing. In hindsight, I would call it an NDE. Another time, a couple of years before my "big" NDE, I was very ill from meningitis. I had physically collapsed but was conscious and waiting for help to arrive, when my consciousness separated from my body for several minutes. It went wandering, looking for the help that was on its way. I never told anyone because I was scared about the whole thing and afraid to face the implications of that experience. Then a couple of years later I had my big NDE that I wrote about in my book, and couldn't deny consciousness-after-death anymore.

People have been reporting NDEs, STEs (spiritually-transformative experiences), OBEs (out-of-body experiences), and spiritual visions/communications for many thousands of years. This is nothing new. Just read some of our various religious texts and you'll see evidence of these transformative experiences everywhere. They are real, they still happen, and we can learn a lot from paying attention to them.

Is there knowledge you were given that you have not shared, especially if it could raise some controversy?

Yes. Rest assured that if/when I feel ready to share that information, I will.

If you would like to check out any of  my archived writing, please read my blog:



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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Diving Deeper into Manifesting (Part 2)

By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light 

Last week I wrote about getting down deeper into what you really desire in your life. Sometimes we get caught up in the extraneous "stuff" we want: cars, homes, and gadgets, and overlook what really matters. What really matters is different for each person but could include things like: more love and connection, a stronger community, personal freedom, or a deeper sense of safety. While we can focus on bringing these into our lives through many of the concepts of "manifesting," I want to touch on a couple of related things that can help you achieve your goals: 

1) Letting Go

2) Taking Action

In Awakenings from the Light, I spend an entire chapter on the concept of letting go, or "allowing." I wrote about how important it is to allow a little breathing room in your life so that Spirit can speak to you. But how does it relate to manifesting? Well, if we try to control *too much,* if we are too forceful or single-minded with our intentions to manifest, we might not be giving God any room to really work in our lives. And we may even be preventing something bigger and better from coming to us!

I prefer to hold my desires and intentions lightly, as if I were holding a butterfly in my hand. I don't get too attached to what it is that I desire...I simply put my desire out there into the Universe and allow Spirit to work its magic. Sometimes I even like to have fun with God and say something like, "It would be so very cool and fun to do a speaking tour throughout the British Isles so I can share my experience with people there." I feel that sense of fun, joy, and lightness in my heart, and then I just let the intention go. I don't dwell on it or try to force it, but I do remain open to what comes.

Another thing I believe is important to master  is learning when and how to take action. For example, if you want a new home, chances are you will need to do a bit of work to obtain it. You may have to search the real estate listings, get pre-approved for a loan, or seek out a realtor.

To paraphrase Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., start by taking that first step toward your goal. Right now, you don't need to see the entire staircase laid out in front of you, you simply need to take one step.

Start by taking action. Show Spirit that you are serious about your goal. What I've noticed in my own life is that when I turn my desire out into the Universe, and then begin to take action, Spirit steps in and helps me complete my journey.

Here is an example: when I set the intention to write and publish 
Awakenings from the Light, I didn't know how on Earth I was going to accomplish such a huge feat. I had never written, edited, or published a book before. But I told God what I intended to do and then just started writing. I stepped up and did my part: I began to write. The more I kept writing, the more help and encouragement I received, and the path seemed to simply unfold easily in front of me. In almost no time, the perfect editor for my book made herself known (thank you Amy), and I was put in touch with people and organizations who explained the book publishing and marketing process to me.

So put your intention out there, let it go, and then start taking action.  
 In the next few weeks I'll answer some readers' questions. If you have a question you would like to ask about NDEs, Heaven, or related, please send it to me via my website: Thanks for reading, and blessings.


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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Diving Deeper into Manifesting (Part 1)

By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light 

Goals, plans, desires, resolutions. This is the time of year when many of us consider the things we want to accomplish in the coming 12 months. While goal-setting and planning are great ideas and things I personally do, I want to take the time to write about something else today.* 

photo courtesy

For many, after we write down our goals, our thoughts might turn to the popular subject of "manifesting," and that's what I will focus on the next couple of weeks.**  Is there an easier, more straightforward way to get what we want? Some people say that "manifesting" is just that. Manifesting is the concept that we can potentially influence the energies around us in order to bring us the things we desire, and was the subject of the movie The Secret. I've written a wee bit about this in my book Awakenings from the Light and will delve into it in more detail in my next book. 

While we can try to manifest things such as a newer car, a spiffy electronic gadget, or new home, for some of us this may somehow feel not quite right. It may not seem as though the new car or the new job is what we really want, like there is something more to this manifesting thing that we can't quite pin down.

If that's you, I might suggest you try digging deeper, past the level of the material, down below the ego and into what your soul truly craves. 

Here is one exercise to get you started:


  1. Get quiet. Take some alone-time away from your computer, phone, kids, and job.

  2. Write down 5-10 "superficial" things (or more if you're Type-A) that you would like in your life: a newer car, a bigger house, a new job. It's perfectly OK to want these things so go ahead and write them down.

  3. For each one of those superficial things, try to go deeper. Is there a deeper desire that a new car or new house would address? For example, you might desire a bigger house so that you can entertain more family and friends, have more children comfortably, and get a dog or two. 

  4. Go deeper again. What underlies the desire to entertain or have kids? Perhaps the desire to connect more deeply, strongly, and meaningfully with those you love is the basis. Or, it may be that you want to create more love for yourself and others through gatherings of the people closest to you.

Below are a few more examples: 

A pay raise => more money to take vacations => freedom, and the ability to travel to ________ in order to connect more strongly with my spiritual roots or a spiritual mentor

A pay raise => pay off bills => freedom from debt and more time to spend volunteering for a charity

A bigger home => a dedicated art/creativity space
 => the desire to create beauty and to connect more strongly to Spirit through my creativity

In addition to working on bringing to us the material things we want, we can try to incorporate what our souls crave into any goal-setting or manifesting practices, too. It's my personal opinion that is exactly what our culture in the USA is lacking: listening to what our souls truly desire and then working to give them what they crave. While a new house or car is nice, and we do indeed need "stuff" in order to live in this material world, many of us seem to concentrate only on gratifying our egos with material things. In the meantime, the soul is often neglected. Neglecting our souls' deepest desires can cause us to feel hollow and unfulfilled.

The ego is the part of us that tells us to get "more": more stuff, a bigger house, a nicer car, a higher-powered job. It wants us to be safe and successful, to possess things that demonstrate to our neighbors that we're good enough, successful, that we are better than everyone else, or that we fit in. Success and nice things are fine as far as they go and as long as we keep them in perspective. But what the soul tells us, and what it really craves, is something much more elusive.

The soul tends to crave the deeper and more meaningful. It might desire connection: with others, with the planet, with animals, with creativity, or with Source/Spirit/God. The soul might desire fun, peace, harmony, understanding, being of service, living in joy, experiencing the grandness of this planet, or helping others. What does your soul crave?

Acknowledge what the ego wants but then dare to go deeper.

And remember, practice feeing grateful for the things you actually do have in your life, right now.

We'll dig in a little further next week. Thanks for reading, and blessings.


 Jack Canfield covers goals and planning in his book The Success Principles, so if you are interested in straightforward approaches to achieving specific goals, check it out on

** My colleague and friend, Ken Elliott, has written a book on a particularly straightforward approach to manifesting using visualization, called Manifesting 1-2-3. You can purchase it on

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Brain Health Awareness

By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light 

Today is my Brain Health Awareness Day. Two years ago today (Jan 3) I was struck by a texting driver and sustained a severe brain injury.
Why should you care, and why protect your brain?
Even after two years of focusing on a recovery, my brain functioning is still not what it was before the accident. I want people to understand that traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and concussions are serious and can have long-lasting consequences. Here are a few ways I'm affected:
  • I still cannot work full time. 
  • My brain shuts down after about 4-5 hours of any kind of "work" in a given day (painting, writing, etc.). 
  • I am mentally unable to do the same type of technical work that I did before the accident. 
  • I still need an inhuman amount of sleep (10+ hours a night). 
  • I get mentally tired very easily and occasionally still have troubles with speaking. 
  • Being in busy or noisy environments (concert, conference, party, restaurant, club, etc) is still quite problematic.
  • Memory problems continue to plague me, although this is slowly getting better.
  • And more...

While I have made peace with the ways my life has changed, and can see the positive in my new life, I want you to understand that brain injuries can and do have serious, long-lasting consequences. After an injury, there is no guarantee that your brain will ever be the same. And brain injuries can also put you at increased risk for dementia, including Alzheimer's Disease.

Please take your brain health seriously. If nothing else, wear a helmet when you participate in sports that could cause a concussion (bicycling, skiing, boarding, climbing, etc.), and get immediate medical help for any suspected brain injury.

If you have had a TBI or concussion, or are caring for someone who has, please check out this site:

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