Message 9: You Are Never Alone

We are never alone. We are surrounded by Love and Spirit all of the time - every second of every day. Even in our darkest hours, Spirit is with us. Be still, and feel that Love.

Many of us today feel profoundly alone and lonely. We are surrounded by people, but seem stymied when it comes to making real connections with others. We may feel isolated from Spirit, failing to sense Its presence or even doubting its existence.
When I was in Heaven, my Guide showed me that our loneliness saddens those in the Spirit realm. 
You see, the realm of Spirit really isn’t a separate place that we travel to when we die; in large part, it’s simply a shift of phase, of “state”, and it is here all around us right now. But that realm isn’t “physical” so it’s impossible for most of us to sense it with our human bodies. But Spirit and those in that plane of existence can be, and often are, around us all of the time. 
That’s why I say that we are never alone. Just as in the realms of Spirit, that loving presence flows around us and through us constantly. Spirit’s love is with us. The Divine walks beside us, behind us. He’s got our backs.
The Divine Presence is with us in our hearts, always. We just need to be still to feel him there, to experience his presence within us.

Try to hear Spirit's voice in your heart, feel that presence in your soul. See if you can spot the Divine in your child’s eyes, or in those sunflower seeds you’re planting. Those little seeds will burst forth with incredible energy and fervor and in a few short weeks, and you will have some of the biggest, most brilliant flowers in your garden! A true miracle. All from a small bundle of almost-nothing.
It is a miracle. And yes, it is biology too. And Spirit’s presence makes it all possible. It is the Source of life. It is the Source of creativity. 
Spirit is the Source.

So you see, you’re never alone. Spirit in all its forms is with you, in us, all of the time. 

More details, including my thoughts and some ideas on reconnecting with the Divine, are in the book: Awakenings from the Light.

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