Message 11: Live Your Life to Its Fullest

You have one and only one chance at life as the person you are now. Just one chance. Live your life to its fullest each day, spend your time wisely, and allow yourself to truly feel what it means to be alive as you. Please don’t squander this gift. Live your life to its fullest as an expression of gratitude and Love to the Divine.

What comes after the lives we have now is unimaginably wonderful. I experienced just a small bit of it and even with that, didn't want to come back here to Earth. Heaven is an existence filled with love and beauty. It is a “place” of love, one-ness, unity, and Spirit. It is amazing, but so are these lives we have on this Earth, right now!
Our lives are huge gifts to be enjoyed, savored, and lived completely. No matter your religious or spiritual beliefs, you have only one chance to live life as the beautiful person you are now
Think about that for a moment.
Even if you believe in some form of reincarnation, you are only this you, once.
Please do not waste this chance to savor your amazing life in all its nuances. Live your life wisely, lovingly, respectfully, and responsibly, but also fully in whatever way that means to you. Don’t allow fear or others’ desires for your life to stand in the way of living your dreams.
Spirit doesn't want us to put off living a special, glorious life now on the promise of a beautiful “Heaven” ahead. Doing that is a waste of all of the opportunity that the Divine has given us now in our earthly lives. We are to live our dreams and lives fully, as best as we can, intentionally, with mindfulness, in glorious homage to Spirit. We can create our own slice of Heaven in our lives right now and in doing so, we can bring a little of that Heaven into the lives of others too.
By living in-Spirit and in Beauty, we can bring a little bit of Heaven into the lives of those around us.

More details, including my thoughts, are in the book: Awakenings from the Light.

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