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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Message 4: We Are Creative and Powerful

Each one of us is more creative and powerful than we can possibly imagine. 

Each person on the planet has amazing creative power. Each one of us has at least one beautiful talent bestowed on us that allows us to fully express both ourselves and our connection to Spirit. Each one of us can tap into the Source of this creative energy as long as we believe and know in our hearts that we can. This creative potential is there, waiting for us to access and express it.
By accessing it, by expressing this Divinely-inspired creativity, we are again expressing our love and gratitude to the Creator for the gifts we were given.
These talents don't have to be artistic. We have many avenues available to us to express our creative potential. Perhaps you are a master at restoring old cars or homes; maybe you bake and decorate beautiful cakes; perhaps you are an inspired grade school teacher, floral designer, storyteller, or house painter. Or maybe your creativity lies in solving mathematical problems, engineering a new type of solar panel, or designing sports cars. Anything you do has the potential to draw on this well of inspiration and creativity...the well that goes beyond your own being and taps into something bigger and grander.
Each one of us has a unique set of gifts. Spirit wants us to enjoy these gifts, to express our awesomeness through these gifts, to show our Love through these gifts.

More details, including my thoughts and exercises on living more creatively, are in the book: Awakenings from the Light.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Message 3: This World is a Miracle

The world is a miracle that we enhance with every thought, word, and action.  

The world is a miracle of Love and life. We have been given the gift of the Earth for our use, but it ultimately doesn’t belong to us. It belongs to the Creator, as well as those who will come after us.

Through living in the world, we come to know beauty and connect more deeply to Spirit: the beauty of the sunset over the mountains, the joy of seeing a young eagle take its first flight, the grandeur of vast canyons and soaring mountain ranges, and the quiet elegance of a rose petal.

Spirit wants us to enjoy the symphonies of nature too: the spring call of the meadowlark...the lyrical notes of a mountain stream tumbling over a waterfall...the whoosh of the wind whipping through the pines...the sound of the surf crashing on a rocky shore.

Giving thanks for a sunset tells Spirit that you love and appreciate these gifts. You don't need to be in church or temple to thank God for the gifts around you. Religious gatherings can give you amazing feelings of the presence of Spirit, but so too does directly communicating with Spirit on the spot, when the thought/feeling strikes you. Be in gratitude, live it as much as possible so that the Creator knows you love and appreciate His creation.

Thich Nhat Hahn:

"Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet."
More details, including my thoughts, are in the book: Awakenings from the Light.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Message 2: You Are A Miracle

You are a miracle. Treat yourself like one in all you do, say, and think. You have been given the glorious gifts of this beautiful Earth, your life, your body, and your mind. You are a miracle.

"Beauty" by Nancy Rynes, Oil, 9"x12"

YOU are a miracle! You. Spirit chose to create each and every one of you as beautiful, glorious individuals to enjoy life, experience and give love, and help each other. 

Each and every person is a miracle. 

No matter your skin color, language, height, eye color, and abilities, each one of you has the spark of greatness built inside. You don’t have to rule a country or be a billionaire to be great, though. I'm talking about being great in the eyes of Divine.
Doing big deeds in service to Spirit, your fellow humans, and the Earth is “great.” “Great” can also be shoveling your elderly neighbor’s sidewalk free of snow when no one is looking. It can be entering a profession that heals or helps the sick because you know down deep inside that is your calling. Great can be teaching disadvantaged children how to read because of the positive influence it has on their lives. Greatness can be volunteering to rescue and heal injured animals, or founding a charity that helps the poor. It can be showing others the path to health and fitness. 
You have gifts that those in Heaven don’t: miraculous gifts that allow you to have a large, positive impact on your world. These miraculous gifts are the gifts of your own body, mind, and Spirit. In other words, you! 

You are the gift. You are the miracle.
When are your going to treat yourself like one?

You are a miraculous gift from Spirit. Each one of you has the power to live a fulfilled, amazing life. Each one of you has the potential to positively impact the world around you.  
Spirit wants you to see just how amazing you are!

More details, including my thoughts and some exercises in learning to love yourself, are in the book: Awakenings from the Light.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Messages

1) You are not on Earth to simply learn, but to Love.

You are on Earth to love, and to learn to love: everyone, everything. You are  meant to find and experience Joy in feeling and expressing love to others. It is through the acts of Love and Compassion that you are brought closer to Spirit.

2) You are a Miracle - Treat Yourself Like One

You are a Miracle - one of God’s Miracles. Treat yourself like one in all you do. Show God how much you love Him by treating yourself like the Miracle you are.

3) This Earth and The Universe are Miracles

This place, this plane, that you call Earth (and all that surrounds it) is also a Miracle that you help to create with every thought, word, and action. Use care with what you create.

4) Each One of Us is More Powerful Than We Can Imagine

Each one of us is more powerful and creative than we can possibly imagine. We have nearly unlimited power to Love, to live in harmony, to be in Spirit.

5) Each One of Us, all of Creation, is a part of Spirit

This is all Spirit’s. Spirit is a part of everything, You, your friends, your neighbors, your enemies. There is no where that Spirit is not.

6) Allow, Let Go, And Get Out of Your Own Way

The Divine wants you to know that He will work for you and through you. The catch is, you need to let Him. 

7) Show Your Love to Others by Allowing Them to Show Love

Allow others to help. Enable them to help, to Love. Allow them to be compassionate with you and with others. Allow others to make their own decisions and choices - to be responsible for themselves. You are each on a slightly different path and while all of these paths lead to Spirit, each person is unique in how he or she gets there.

8) Learn to Listen to Your Heart

Learn to listen to your heart, your intuition. This is where Spirit puts your own personal instruction manual. Listen for it. Follow it. Your purpose is here, your calling. Follow that small voice, for that is the true voice of Spirit. 

9) You Are Never Alone

You are never alone. No matter how dark your path seems to be, you are not alone. You are surrounded by the Love of Spirit and “Angels” all of the time. Even in your darkest hour, you are not alone...We are here with you! Be still and feel Our Love.

10) Your Most Powerful Tool for Living Your Life is Your Power of Choice

Your most powerful tool for living this life is your power of Choice. Your power over your thoughts, words, and actions is your most incredible gift. Use it with Love and Compassion.

11) Live Life Fully

You have one and only one chance at life as the person you are now. Live it to its fullest each day. Spend your time wisely, feel what it means to be alive as You! Live your life to its fullest as an expression of gratitude to the Creator, to God.

12) Live and Feel Your Gratitude

Live and FEEL your gratitude as much as possible. All in your world is a gift. The Divine freely gives this to you. Gratitude is your way of demonstrating your Love back to Spirit. And We are not just speaking of gratitude for the big things. Be grateful for the small things in your life. Show your gratitude to others too as an expression of Love and caring to them.

This is a small core of what is in the book: Awakenings from the Light, now available on

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Why These Messages?

It’s difficult for  me to express how sad those in the Spirit world were, that many humans seem to have forgotten some basic understandings. Once we’re born and are pulled in to the challenges of daily living, we often forget about compassion, kindness, love, gratitude, and community.
Heaven can see that so many of us are unhappy or living unfulfilled lives, and they want to help us so much. Those in Heaven struggle with how to reach us, how to get through to us in order to help us see things in a more loving light. They feel sadness when we struggle against Spirit and only seem to dig deeper holes for ourselves.

I know...I was there. I struggled.
Before my accident, I felt that I didn’t have much reason for being, that I hadn’t really accomplished much. My future didn’t seem very bright. I had a beautiful daughter, two wonderful sisters, and a few amazing and close friends. But I felt the rest of my life had fallen apart. I had turned my back on Spirit and Love, but at the same time I wasn’t really happy in that agnostic life I was living.
Perhaps Spirit decided it was time to bring me back into the fold, to teach me the things I needed to learn in order to live a fulfilled life. But it took a horrendous accident and two near-death experiences in order for me to open my heart. No matter how it happened, I am extremely grateful that I received these Messages.  I hope that you don’t need to go through something quite that traumatic in order to gain some benefit from Spirit through some of these words.

More details, including my thoughts, are in the book: Awakenings from the Light.

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What Are These “Messages” or Insights?

The Messages are just some of the ideas that those in Heaven wanted to pass on so that we could live better lives here on Earth. These are the main concepts passed to me during my time in that Near-Death state. The Insights were initially directed at me to help me improve my life, but the Beings of Light thought others might benefit as well.
These Messages are definitely not the complete set of knowledge in Heaven, nor are they meant to replace our faith, religion, or belief systems. They are meant to provide more insights, some practical help and ideas for living a great life, geared toward where we humans exist now, in this time and place.
My understanding of the Messages is this: these are some of the concepts that Spirit helps our souls to understand when we have left this earthly existence and are completely in that other realm (i.e., Heaven, the Spiritual Realm, etc.). These Insights are a part of the reality there; they are common knowledge, part of the expression of love that Spirit has for each and every one of us.

Some of these Insights may seem familiar to you. Many have been a core part of religious and spiritual teachings for a very long time. But the message that I had from  Heaven was that many of us, myself included, seem to have forgotten the basics. It’s easy to get wrapped  up in our day-to-day lives and forget that, at the core of each one of us, we really are a part of Spirit. Our soul is a part of The Divine, and a part of The Divine is in each one of us. That love and guidance and blessings are there for us to access whenever we want or need. But sometimes we need to hear or see things in a new way in order for them to have an impact, so these Messages are meant to help incorporate this knowledge into the modern world in a different way.
The Insights are but one voice, one way to understand and come closer to Spirit. For some of you, they may resonate and help your life become a little richer or more fulfilling. For others, the Messages won’t make much sense or won’t feel right. That’s OK and as it should be. Not everyone learns in the same way or in the same time or from the same source. I encourage you, though, to read through them and see how they feel to you. Perhaps even pick one Insight and work with it for as long as you need, trying to incorporate its message into your life.

More details, including my thoughts, are in the book: Awakenings from the Light.

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