Message 10: Power of Choice

Ultimately, our most powerful tool for this life is our power of choice. Our power over our thoughts, words, and actions is our most incredible gift and tool for living the lives we want. 

Use this gift of choice wisely, and with love and compassion in your heart.

We do have the power over our own words and actions. Even though choosing our words and actions may not be easy, in concept it seems to make sense. What may be more difficult to understand is that we ultimately have the power over our thoughts and feelings as well.  
If we choose to use all of these carefully, intentionally, with love in our hearts and positive intentions, we can be powerful in many positive ways. But if we use these things in uninformed, negative, or malicious state of minds, with negative intent and not aligned with Spirit, they can easily hurt or destroy ourselves or others. 

Everything we do (including the words we speak, our actions, and thoughts) has an effect on the world around us. We can think of these as energy radiating outward from our centers. Our words and actions do not just affect us, they travel outward and impact those around us. The sphere of that impact can be quite large.
My Guide stated this many times but I think it bears repeating. A negative state of mind is not just something that we hold on to. Our negative state of mind can easily affect others. We may snap at our families, use harsh words, or perhaps even lash out physically without really thinking. 
Similarly, a positive state of mind has a positive sphere of influence radiating out from you. If you are in a positive, happy mindset, how you treat others will doubtless reflect that. You will treat others in a positive way - using kind words, doing good things, and being helpful and compassionate.

While we can't control the actions of others, we should realize that our actions can and do affect others.

More details, including my thoughts on this topic, as well as "manifesting", are in the book: Awakenings from the Light.

NOTES: A terrific yet simple and practical explanation can be found in Ken Elliott's book "Manifesting 1-2-3".
See the books of Dr. Daniel Amen on ways to control ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts). His series on "Change Your Brain..." are especially helpful.

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