The Messages

1) You are not on Earth to simply learn, but to Love.

You are on Earth to love, and to learn to love: everyone, everything. You are  meant to find and experience Joy in feeling and expressing love to others. It is through the acts of Love and Compassion that you are brought closer to Spirit.

2) You are a Miracle - Treat Yourself Like One

You are a Miracle - one of God’s Miracles. Treat yourself like one in all you do. Show God how much you love Him by treating yourself like the Miracle you are.

3) This Earth and The Universe are Miracles

This place, this plane, that you call Earth (and all that surrounds it) is also a Miracle that you help to create with every thought, word, and action. Use care with what you create.

4) Each One of Us is More Powerful Than We Can Imagine

Each one of us is more powerful and creative than we can possibly imagine. We have nearly unlimited power to Love, to live in harmony, to be in Spirit.

5) Each One of Us, all of Creation, is a part of Spirit

This is all Spirit’s. Spirit is a part of everything, You, your friends, your neighbors, your enemies. There is no where that Spirit is not.

6) Allow, Let Go, And Get Out of Your Own Way

The Divine wants you to know that He will work for you and through you. The catch is, you need to let Him. 

7) Show Your Love to Others by Allowing Them to Show Love

Allow others to help. Enable them to help, to Love. Allow them to be compassionate with you and with others. Allow others to make their own decisions and choices - to be responsible for themselves. You are each on a slightly different path and while all of these paths lead to Spirit, each person is unique in how he or she gets there.

8) Learn to Listen to Your Heart

Learn to listen to your heart, your intuition. This is where Spirit puts your own personal instruction manual. Listen for it. Follow it. Your purpose is here, your calling. Follow that small voice, for that is the true voice of Spirit. 

9) You Are Never Alone

You are never alone. No matter how dark your path seems to be, you are not alone. You are surrounded by the Love of Spirit and “Angels” all of the time. Even in your darkest hour, you are not alone...We are here with you! Be still and feel Our Love.

10) Your Most Powerful Tool for Living Your Life is Your Power of Choice

Your most powerful tool for living this life is your power of Choice. Your power over your thoughts, words, and actions is your most incredible gift. Use it with Love and Compassion.

11) Live Life Fully

You have one and only one chance at life as the person you are now. Live it to its fullest each day. Spend your time wisely, feel what it means to be alive as You! Live your life to its fullest as an expression of gratitude to the Creator, to God.

12) Live and Feel Your Gratitude

Live and FEEL your gratitude as much as possible. All in your world is a gift. The Divine freely gives this to you. Gratitude is your way of demonstrating your Love back to Spirit. And We are not just speaking of gratitude for the big things. Be grateful for the small things in your life. Show your gratitude to others too as an expression of Love and caring to them.

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