Message 4: We Are Creative and Powerful

Each one of us is more creative and powerful than we can possibly imagine. 

Each person on the planet has amazing creative power. Each one of us has at least one beautiful talent bestowed on us that allows us to fully express both ourselves and our connection to Spirit. Each one of us can tap into the Source of this creative energy as long as we believe and know in our hearts that we can. This creative potential is there, waiting for us to access and express it.
By accessing it, by expressing this Divinely-inspired creativity, we are again expressing our love and gratitude to the Creator for the gifts we were given.
These talents don't have to be artistic. We have many avenues available to us to express our creative potential. Perhaps you are a master at restoring old cars or homes; maybe you bake and decorate beautiful cakes; perhaps you are an inspired grade school teacher, floral designer, storyteller, or house painter. Or maybe your creativity lies in solving mathematical problems, engineering a new type of solar panel, or designing sports cars. Anything you do has the potential to draw on this well of inspiration and creativity...the well that goes beyond your own being and taps into something bigger and grander.
Each one of us has a unique set of gifts. Spirit wants us to enjoy these gifts, to express our awesomeness through these gifts, to show our Love through these gifts.

More details, including my thoughts and exercises on living more creatively, are in the book: Awakenings from the Light.

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