What Are These “Messages” or Insights?

The Messages are just some of the ideas that those in Heaven wanted to pass on so that we could live better lives here on Earth. These are the main concepts passed to me during my time in that Near-Death state. The Insights were initially directed at me to help me improve my life, but the Beings of Light thought others might benefit as well.
These Messages are definitely not the complete set of knowledge in Heaven, nor are they meant to replace our faith, religion, or belief systems. They are meant to provide more insights, some practical help and ideas for living a great life, geared toward where we humans exist now, in this time and place.
My understanding of the Messages is this: these are some of the concepts that Spirit helps our souls to understand when we have left this earthly existence and are completely in that other realm (i.e., Heaven, the Spiritual Realm, etc.). These Insights are a part of the reality there; they are common knowledge, part of the expression of love that Spirit has for each and every one of us.

Some of these Insights may seem familiar to you. Many have been a core part of religious and spiritual teachings for a very long time. But the message that I had from  Heaven was that many of us, myself included, seem to have forgotten the basics. It’s easy to get wrapped  up in our day-to-day lives and forget that, at the core of each one of us, we really are a part of Spirit. Our soul is a part of The Divine, and a part of The Divine is in each one of us. That love and guidance and blessings are there for us to access whenever we want or need. But sometimes we need to hear or see things in a new way in order for them to have an impact, so these Messages are meant to help incorporate this knowledge into the modern world in a different way.
The Insights are but one voice, one way to understand and come closer to Spirit. For some of you, they may resonate and help your life become a little richer or more fulfilling. For others, the Messages won’t make much sense or won’t feel right. That’s OK and as it should be. Not everyone learns in the same way or in the same time or from the same source. I encourage you, though, to read through them and see how they feel to you. Perhaps even pick one Insight and work with it for as long as you need, trying to incorporate its message into your life.

More details, including my thoughts, are in the book: Awakenings from the Light.

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