Reader Q&A, Part 1

By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light 

As promised, I'm going to take a few weeks to answer some readers' questions. The first is:

Why do you think some people who are close to death report having NDEs (Near-Death Experiences) and some do not? Does this mean that not everyone's consciousness survives the death of the body?

If you've read my book or watched me on YouTube, you probably know my perspective by now. Consciousness absolutely survives death. But why do some people report having NDEs and some don't? I think there are probably multiple explanations.

From people I have spoken with in private, there are folks who DO experience NDEs and simply don't report them to loved ones or medical staff. Yes, people are still afraid to report NDEs, or simply don't want the attention, or don't want to have to consider the implications of their experience...even with those people who are closest to them. And as certain religious groups attempt to demonize NDErs, I believe you will see the trend to keep quiet, increase. Along those lines, I think some people have NDEs but don't consider them real, or are afraid to consider them real, and simply try to forget and go on with their lives. And like dreams, I think some people have them but just flat-out don't remember. Most folks don't have 100% dream recall...I suspect it's the same is true with NDEs.

I had what I suspect was an NDE back when I was 5 years old (surviving my first traumatic accident). I was only a child so didn't know what I was experiencing. In hindsight, I would call it an NDE. Another time, a couple of years before my "big" NDE, I was very ill from meningitis. I had physically collapsed but was conscious and waiting for help to arrive, when my consciousness separated from my body for several minutes. It went wandering, looking for the help that was on its way. I never told anyone because I was scared about the whole thing and afraid to face the implications of that experience. Then a couple of years later I had my big NDE that I wrote about in my book, and couldn't deny consciousness-after-death anymore.

People have been reporting NDEs, STEs (spiritually-transformative experiences), OBEs (out-of-body experiences), and spiritual visions/communications for many thousands of years. This is nothing new. Just read some of our various religious texts and you'll see evidence of these transformative experiences everywhere. They are real, they still happen, and we can learn a lot from paying attention to them.

Is there knowledge you were given that you have not shared, especially if it could raise some controversy?

Yes. Rest assured that if/when I feel ready to share that information, I will.

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