Reader Q&A, Part 2

By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light 

More wonderful questions! Thank you all for asking.

Why do you think people who have had NDEs tend to report differences? Yes, there are some similarities among all of them, but there are differences, too.

People have been reporting NDEs, STEs (spiritually-transformative experiences), OBEs (out-of-body experiences), and spiritual visions/communications for many thousands of years. This is nothing new. Some of the key or core aspects are startlingly similar among them, and across religions and cultures:
  • Divine Love, acceptance, welcoming
  • Light
  • Spiritual beings, deceased relatives/loved ones, religious figures
  • Heavenly song/music
  • Loss of pain and suffering
But some things are different, too. Why? Well, I believe the main reason is that NDErs did not experience final physical death. In short, an NDE is only a precursor to final, full death. It's a preview of coming attractions...not the full movie. We came back, after all.
As such, most of us NDErs typically only experience the first steps in the afterlife transition process. After physical death, each soul seems to go through a process of shedding the association with the human cloak and merging again with the Divine. We carry a part of our human identities and beliefs with us for a time after physical death. Some souls need different things during this transition period to let go of what we were, so thus the experiences are different. And this process can take a different amount of "time" depending on the soul. NDErs typically don't make it past this stage...the vast majority of us get sent back or choose to come back while we are still very firmly connected with our humanity. So if you assume there are, say, 15 different phases of the transition process, most NDErs may get sent back before they make it to step 6 for example (I'm just making that number up to illustrate my point...I really don't think there are a certain number of defined
phases, like progressing through university to get a degree).

So, we are sent back while we are still in the process of letting go of the human being or "me" that we were, in that stage where we were being transitioned differently depending on our individual needs.

Some NDErs actually DO seem to make it past this stage, though. My friend Diedre recounts one example of what can happen when we are allowed to peer past the veil of our humanity in her book, "While I was Out"

Why some NDErs are allowed to pass the stage of their humanness and and come back, I don't know. I am glad that some have, though, so that we can begin to piece together what comes in the hereafter...

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