Loving Yourself By Being Kind to Others

By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light
In my last blog, I wrote about one way to surround yourself in love, kind of like an energetic hug of good feelings but directed inward. Did you try it? Did it help you feel a little more kind and compassionate toward yourself?
But there are many other ways to begin to feel love, or at least a little compassion, toward YOU. *
Try focusing outward first.
Mary, my guide to the wonders and lessons of Heaven, taught me how important it is to surround our own selves in love, compassion, and kindness. But as easy as that may sound for some of us, she realized that for others, self-love would not be so easy.*
She taught me that we can work on self-compassion from two angles: try to extend love to ourselves first (the "inward" method), or we can begin by focusing on others first (the "outward" method), eventually coming back to ourselves later.
What do I mean by "focusing outward" first?
By "outward" I mean focus on helping others in a compassionate way. Help someone else. Volunteer for a cause that tugs at your heart, something that maybe even brings a tear to your eye when you think about it. Get out of your brain for a while and force yourself to really draw on what's in your heart.
Don't simply send money off to a charity and then go back to your life. Instead, change things up and tithe with your time. Charities need boots-on-the-ground just as much as they need money. And while you're there in the trenches helping others, open up your heart to deeply connect with those whom you serve.
Whether it be with a food bank, hospice, or an animal shelter, while you're volunteering, take the opportunity to look at everyone around you and realize that you are gazing on aspects of God. Those souls in front of you are a part of the Divine whether it's a homeless man at the soup kitchen, an elderly woman who needs meals delivered to her home, or even a puppy at the animal shelter.
Take the opportunity to look at others who are less fortunate than you and see inside of them something that is worthy of your love or compassion. That "something" sparkles with Divine light. I'll be honest: this may take some time before it feels like second nature. Give it a chance. Pick a charity that resonates with you and dive in, feet first, to help them.
This is what I mean by "focusing outward."
In time, seeing something special inside of others less fortunate, something that is worthy of love and compassion, may help you see that same Divine light in yourself. Perhaps one day you'll notice your own reflection in the mirror and see an aspect of God looking back at you. And maybe, just maybe, to that reflection in the mirror you'll be able to send out a little bit of compassion or love.
Wishing you heavenly love,
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Posted by Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light and Messages from Heaven
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