Surround Yourself in Love

By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light
In my last blog article I wrote about a truly silent form of prayer. While it's wonderful to sit in this silence and allow yourself to feel a deep sense of love pour out from you, it is possible to take the practice to another level.
Read on to discover how you can use silent prayer to feel more love toward yourself.
Many NDErs come back with a message that we humans would be well-served to love ourselves more. I have written about this in my book and teach workshops on it, too. But for many people, extending love, compassion, or kindness to ourselves is not very straightforward. It's almost easier for us to love our pets than it is to love ourselves.
Silent prayer can help.
While it's not the complete "fix" for any self-love challenges we might face*, I believe that silent prayer can help us achieve more compassion or kindness toward *us*. Once you are ready to surround yourself with love, try this variant on silent prayer:
Surround Yourself in Love (Prayer)
Spend some quiet time filling your heart and mind with the positive feeling-state of love. If you have trouble with this, begin by immersing yourself in the love you might feel for a family member, friend, or pet.
Let go of the need to have words in your mind while you do this. Focus instead on the positive feeling-state of love for a few moments.
Next, begin thinking about your human body and all of the stuff you have experienced together: cuts and scrapes, illnesses, youthful crushes, marriage, accidents, thrills, having children, racing a car, your first college party and first hangover, a painful breakup...whatever your body and mind have experienced, allow those to become part of your consciousness for a few minutes.
Marvel at how wonderful it is that your physical body has endured so much over your lifetime. Our bodies have an innate capacity to survive that boggles the mind.You may or not be in perfect health at the moment, but allow yourself to dwell on those times in the past that you HAVE healed, endured, and thrived.
Now go back into your heart. Allow that positive, high-vibrational feeling-state of love to wash over you and through you again. Let it support every part of your body. Try to feel gratitude for all that IS working in your body and life at the moment, even if you can only think of one thing. Focus on the positive aspects of your body and mind for as long as you can, filling every cell of your being with love and appreciation.
Gently come back to the present moment when you feel ready.
I do this prayer or contemplation a few times a week and it has helped me expand my own sense of love and compassion toward my human self. When I think about my daughter, all of the beautiful experiences I've had, the amazing sights I have seen, broken bones, broken hearts, jobs, illnesses, challenges, and insights, my admiration for my human self grows deeper and richer a little at a time.
Give this prayer a chance for a few weeks. If you still see no positive change in your feelings toward yourself, it may not be for you. That's OK. Some of us do better when we focus on loving others first. I'll write more about that next time.
Wishing you heavenly love,
*Again, if you are heavily challenged with thoughts of self-harm or feelings of hatred directed at yourself, I urge you to seek the help of a trained psychologist, counselor, or chaplain.

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