Messages From "Mariel" : Connection to Love

 By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light

"Mariel" is the name I use for my team of Guides in spirit. This is the same team that was present during my NDE and speaking through my main Guide, Mari. Over the next several articles, I will be sharing some of the wisdom directly from Mariel as given to me during my NDE. I have edited for clarity, otherwise the content is as was relayed to me.

Wholeness comes in remembering and realizing your connection to the Divine Light and Love. The core truths of love remain the same but as the cultures and times change, so too must the way the message is presented. That is the goal of your work, to bring messages to a new generation in a way they can understand and embrace.

Connection to Divine Love is at the core of it all. That love binds all together, not in a way that constrains or restrains but rather in a way that supports, enlivens, and uplifts. None is excluded save those who themselves turn away. And they are welcomed back at any time they wish to heal their connection to the Divine.

Divine Love is consistent across the universe. It is not restricted to your planet. In fact your human selves are only beginning to touch on its core truths, its reality, its extent, and its power.

Divine Love and connection have the power to heal—rather, surrendering to the power of Divine Love and connection heals. It is in the surrendering to the oneness and wholeness of that Divine consciousness when a soul and a body find absolute wholeness.

The threads that tie us all together through this Divine consciousness are stronger than any material or physical force your human society knows. Time does not matter to it. Space too does not matter. Those are illusions of the physical realm anyway, not part of the reality of our spiritual plane of existence.

There are places in the physical where this spiritual energy comes through strongest, or lingers the longest. Places where loving souls have congregated and brought Divine light and intention into the space. Places where the mineral content of the planet helps to attract and amplify these specific levels of energy. These are what some of you might call vortices or sacred places, but have their origins in measurable phenomena.

When a human body and soul combination connects deeply to Divine Love, its resulting awakening and spiritual uplift helps to raise up those around, as well as itself. But it isn’t in the seeking where there is true spiritual power—it is in the letting go enough to simply “be” at one with it. When you have allowed yourself to become truly comfortable with that state of oneness and not give in to fear, that is when absolute healing and wholeness happen.

Your connection to Divine Love is how you communicate with us in the spiritual realms. The more you surrender to it (in a healthy way) the clearer our communication and the clearer an individual’s connection to his or her own higher self and intuition. It is not a surrender of your freedom of choice, rather it is a relaxing, allowing yourself to feel and see that guiding connection to Divine Love and wisdom.

Let the Divine light your path to wholeness. Learn to see love everywhere. See the healing that comes with opening up the space for this connection and acceptance. Times are challenging in your world…your voice is important but so are the voices of others. Remember your humility. Remember whom you serve. Divine Love is what binds all faiths together whether they realize it or not. 

Humanity has a difficult time truly grasping the enormity of the Divine Presence, the enormity of opportunities available to them even in the physical. Allow Love to lead. Always ask what is of the highest good and lead with that. Simple to consider but sometimes that can be challenging to put into practice. 

Remember to lead from love and compassion.

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