Messages from Mariel: Light in Darkness

  By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light

"Mariel" is the name I use for my team of Guides in spirit. This is the same team that was present during my NDE and speaking through my main Guide, Mari. Over the next several articles, I will be sharing some of the wisdom directly from Mariel as given to me during my NDE. I have edited for clarity, otherwise the content is as was relayed to me.

The vacuum of space is dark, at least to your eyes. The space between the stars and the planets appears black. Light cannot be perceived until it emanates from something or falls on an object. In other words you can see light at its origin and you can see it illuminating an object, but you don't see the light as a beam of radiance as it travels through the space between. It seems to disappear from sight. 

Think about your sun (Sol). It is a source of light, heat, and other energy. You see that light as it emanates from the sun’s surface. You see the light as it reflects off an object here on Earth, such as a tree. You see that light coming into your eyes. But you don't see that light while it traverses the distance between unless that light hits something else. 

Space between the Earth and Sol appears black yet the light is there traveling as a wave of potential you cannot see.

Think more deeply about this: in the darkness there actually is light, or at least the potential for light. Humans just have difficulty seeing that light energy until it hits something, reflects off it, and then comes into your awareness. 

Even in the depths of space, while that space appears empty and black to you, light is traversing through it. Just because the energy takes a form you cannot see with your eyes does not mean it is not there. 

So even in the deepest darkness, there is energy and light.

This message was given to me initially as a reminder to look for something positive when personal circumstances appear to be dark or "negative." It was also a message that positive things can come on the other side of seemingly dark times.

We cannot always look for the light in dark situations right away, especially in the middle of trauma or turmoil. Some circumstances are just too difficult, and we have to make it through that difficulty in order to free up our hearts again to be open to the light. Just remember, the light is there for you when you are ready to reach for it again, on the other side of a dark, challenging time. That light never goes away.

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