A Silent form of Prayer

By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light
We humans can be such talkative creatures. We speak out loud to communicate our thoughts and feelings to one another. Most of us have an inner voice, too: our ego perhaps, or our fears, or even a mimic of what we heard from a parent or spouse. Some of us talk in our sleep, and often we talk when we pray or meditate.
I'm not saying that talking is a bad thing, not at all. But I'm offering a suggestion that perhaps it might be fun to vary things a little.
Give silent prayer a try.
During my near-death experience (NDE), Mari, my spiritual guide to heaven, mentioned something that I'll admit to not really understanding at first. She told me that while the Divine loves all of our prayers, we might consider sometimes praying in silence. She told me that "going into" silence was another way to connect with Spirit. Mari also said that she didn't necessarily mean "meditation" -- she was adamant that it was more of a form of prayer to which she referred.
It took me a year before I really thought about that particular request and when I did, I assumed that she meant either contemplative prayer (which I do daily), or engaging in favorite activities in which our ego minds could go silent (hiking, running, gardening, knitting, etc.). While these can bring great benefits to us by enhancing communication with Spirit, in hindsight I think she was talking about something else:
Truly Silent Prayer
What  do I mean by "Silent Prayer?"
Here is my take on it:
Spend some quiet time filling your heart, mind, and physical body with a positive feeling-state such as love or gratitude.
Let go of the need to have words in your mind while you do this. Words are not necessary, really. Focus instead on the positive feeling-state. It's OK if words are in your mind at first but with practice, I'll bet you'll find that the positive feeling becomes so strong that it overcomes any need to have words in your mind.
Let go of the need to "do" something, too. Just "be."
Try to bask in that positive, high-vibrational feeling-state such for a few moments. Let it wash over you and through you. Focus on the feeling.
I stumbled on this form of prayer only in the last month. One evening I was having some difficulty getting to sleep so I decided to do a little contemplative prayer. It often helps me calm down and reconnect with Spirit after a hectic day so I thought it might help me sleep. Well, part of the way through my session I was overcome with a gigantic feeling of gratitude that started in my heart area and seemed to expand to engulf my whole body.
I stayed in that feeling-state of gratitude for about five minutes, just letting it wash through my body. No words, no "doing." Just sitting in gratitude.
In the days following, I decided to try simply going directly into a positive feeling-state, bypassing the contemplative prayer. For me, the results were wonderful! I increasingly felt lighter in my heart and more upbeat as the days went on. I felt more in touch with Divine guidance, too. In each of my sessions I focused on love, and while it wasn't exactly the same as being in heaven, it's the best way I have found (for myself) to replicate that otherworldly experience. Now I'm able to go into one of those positive feeling states and just sit with it for 10 minutes or more.
There is another bonus to silent prayer, besides possibly feeling more upbeat. If you recall my newsletters about the music of heaven, being in a positive feeling-state sends out a spiritual energy wave from you. This spiritual energy becomes part of the music of heaven. Remember, the love in your heart is God's favorite song. The Divine really does hear it when you allow yourself to  relax into love, gratitude, happiness, or other positive states.
If you would like to try silent prayer but are having difficulty getting in to a positive feeling  in your heart, allow yourself to think about someone you love dearly, or perhaps something for which you are deeply grateful. Keep that loving or grateful thought going through your mind while you reach into yourself to feel the feeling associated with the thought. It might take some practice but in time, and with patience, I bet most of you will be able to hang out in a positive feeling-state for at least a few minutes.
You may already be practicing a form of prayer or meditation such as this. If so, I'd love to hear about it and if it helps you in any way.
Wishing you heavenly love,

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