Are Plants Conscious?

By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light

Bone-tired after a long day of driving south from Olympia, Washington, my mind fixated on arriving at the hotel in Crescent City, California in one piece. I carefully navigated my Honda down the narrow, twisty highway over the coast range, finally leaving the hills behind as late afternoon turned to evening. Coming out onto the flatland along the Pacific coast seemed to propel me into another world.  Trees taller than a 30-storey building engulfed me. The late-day light filtering through their massive trunks turned the encroaching fog a glistening, luminous gold. Speechless, I felt tears begin to make their way down my cheeks. My car somehow found its way into the nearest pullout. I climbed out and simply stared around me with awe, and some familiarity.  As when I visited Heaven, I felt I was at home once again.

The redwoods reminded me so much of the forests of Heaven that I was on the verge of tears for the several days I visited. But not only did these glorious trees remind me of my time in the spiritual realm, I began to sense something else. Call it wisdom, intelligence, or consciousness, I immediately felt as if the trees were communicating with me. Now, months later, I believe they were speaking to me in their own way.

Think I'm nuts? I did at first. While many NDErs do admit to continuing contact with the spiritual realm, being able to perceive others' thoughts, or any phenomena that we might label "psychic," not too many of us admit to having detailed conversations with trees. But while Mary guided me through Heaven, one of the things she stressed was that ALL things in the physical have Divine love humming at their cores, and ALL things also have a form of consciousness.

It's interesting that science is beginning to back up her claims with solid evidence. Below are just a few articles to get you started:

The research presented in the articles above is beginning to show that plants:

  • Have memory
  • Can learn from experience
  • Can communicate with each other
  • Can hear...and react to what they hear
  • They respond to human anesthetics
  • They produce their own neurotransmitters
  • And much more...

While it's obviously different from ours, new scientific evidence indicates that plants have a form of consciousness, something that many spiritual traditions have held as truth for thousands of years.

What does that mean for us, then, as we harvest our vegetables and munch on a salad? How can we make peace with the fact that everything we consume may have some level of consciousness?

Trust me, God doesn't want you to starve. Eat your salad, but perhaps think about making an adjustment to your attitude if it's warranted.

My first suggestions: follow your intuition and nutritionist on what to eat; send your plants good thoughts as you grow them, and feel true gratitude toward them during the harvest; be truly grateful for the food on your plate at each meal. Simple stuff really, but giving love and gratitude back to your garden and food is returning the gift of love (nutrition) the plants are giving you.

Once again we come back to the cycle and circle of love, the core of it all.

But those redwoods, they are more ancient and complex than lettuce or cauliflower. I felt the passing of millennia when I stood in that forest. I sensed their generations of 1,000 years or more anchoring them to that stretch of coastline, while ours of a mere 20 or 30 years seem fleeting and inconsequential in comparison. One generation of those redwoods takes us back to the Middle Ages in Europe or the height of the Mayan Empire here in the Americas. Another generation backward takes us to the time of Jesus or even the Buddha, yet another generation and we're visiting the Middle Kingdom of Egypt. Just a handful of generations of redwoods spans the entirety of recorded human history.

The real question might be: how do we go forward with this knowledge that plants are conscious? Perhaps it's time we consider the physical world as a much more intelligent, spiritual, and interconnected place than we ever dreamed possible. I see that every day, increasing numbers of people are making this shift to a more inclusive view of spirituality and consciousness, but I can't tell you how to make that shift for yourself. For me, it includes bringing my spiritual consciousness to the forefront of my day as much as possible; to be *present* and aware of my choices and their impacts on the world around me; and to feel gratitude for all that I have and experience in my life.

Remember to send love to your plants and feel gratitude for your salad.

Wishing you heavenly love,



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Posted by Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light and Messages from Heaven
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