Prayers for the Holidays

By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light

This season in the USA often finds us exhausted and stressed instead of peace-filled, kind, and compassionate. I give you permission to forget about the shopping and schedules for a few moments to spend some time in prayer, meditation, or contemplation.What are your hopes and prayers for yourself and your family this season? Here are a few of mine.

I pray...

That we learn to respect, celebrate, and cherish the many traditions that hold this season sacred, for all paths are but mirrors of the whole of the Divine.

That humanity lets go of its need for violence, war, oppression, and destruction of all kinds and creates a culture of ongoing peace and compassion. 

That we each determine to take small steps to make our lives better. We know that when we raise ourselves up spiritually, even a little, we also raise the level of peace and love on this planet.

That we let go of the need to be "right" all of the time and celebrate the unique talents, abilities, thoughts, and beliefs of all of those around us.

That we learn to truly cherish our children and treat them with the kindness, love, and care they deserve as embodiments of Spirit. Let us recognize that they are the up-and-coming leaders of our planet and that by loving and caring for them, we give them a solid foundation to lead the world to a better, more peace-filled future.

That we extend love and respect to the elders in our community, knowing their wisdom and experience can inform us and give us the courage to create a better tomorrow.

That we recognize the Divine at the core of each individual (including ourselves), and treat each other as unique children of God/Spirit/Creator.

That we humans learn to embrace the diversity of life on this planet, knowing it's all part of an interrelated web that is weakened with the loss of even one species.

That we each learn to extend kindness and compassion to ourselves knowing that we, too, are a blessed part of the Divine.

Blessed Holidays to all! So many of us are celebrating this time of year and so I honor all traditions with a simple blessing of love, peace, joy, and prosperity.



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