Life in Review

By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light
One of the most amazing gifts from having an NDE, or any other spiritually-transformative experience, is coming away with the realization that we are more than just this one little person living a relatively humble life right here and now. We are much more than our fears and insecurities, our struggles, our successes, our anxieties, and our losses. We are more than someone's parent, child, friend, or employee. And we are much more than just our human selves.

We learn that our true selves are essentially infinite consciousness and energy; that we are expansive, powerful, creative, and connected to everyone and everything. We learn that we are more than this life we are living, and that our capacity to love is beyond our ability to comprehend it with the human mind. And we also learn that we can bring that spiritual capacity to love into our lives here on Earth. We come away with the understanding that we are intimately connected with the Divine in each and every moment, and that the universe of which we are a part is, quite simply, extraordinary. It's more extraordinary than even our most brilliant scientists can fathom. More importantly, we come away from a spiritual experience with the knowledge that we, too, are extraordinary. We don't have to live lives of lack, limitation, and fear, not with this marvelous and expansive soul at our cores, and not when we are supported in every moment by Divine love and presence.
That moment when your soul finally leaves your body and you look back on it with love and compassion is the most freeing moment you can ever imagine! In that moment, you will realize that your physical life is just a very small yet important part of your existence, and in this realization you will know that it's time to finally move on to the realm of Spirit. A calmness will settle over you, a knowing that this is right, that you are now going home. Remembering that you have loved, experienced, and learned much during your time on Earth, you understand that it's good and right to go back home. Your heart fills with joy as the journey starts. When you arrive at your life review, know that it isn't a time to feel fear or shame. It's a time to reflect, learn, and to understand so that you can make changes as your proceed back into your more expansive, spiritual existence. You can have whoever you need with you at this time, because ultimately, the life review is for you and your soul's preparation for the remainder of the journey. It's similar to what you do in your human life after you wake up from a dream and try to recall and make sense of it. But in this case, the dream was your life and reality is the realm of Spirit. To be continued... Blessings and joy,

Posted by Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light )
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