Hearing Your Inner Truth

By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light 
How is your life going these days? Are you excited to get the day started each morning, curious as to the wonders that await? Or has life lost its sparkle, leaving you bored, detached, or even indifferent?

Hearing and heeding the voice of your inner truth can bring much-needed sparkle and creativity into your life. Listening to that guiding wisdom puts you in touch with the Divine. As I explain in "Awakenings from the Light," that inner voice of truth is kind of like a "Good-Life GPS" that Spirit gives us. Living in alignment with our inner truth is how we begin to live at one with Divinity while we are here on Earth.

We each have access to inner truth but we may be out of practice accessing it. The voice of our truth can be quiet, so quiet that it can be easily overwhelmed by the noise of TV, the internet, the news, others' opinions, and society's ideas about who we should be. Others may mean well when they try to tell us how we live our lives, but they see the world through their own filters, stories, and experiences, not ours. They can't see what truth we hold for ourselves. So it's up to you to access your inner knowing and then honor it.

Fears often keep us from acknowledging what we really want and who we really are. Our human ego has a deep need to fit in to society out of a sense of self preservation, and some of us will do almost anything to be like everyone else. Remember grade school where so many of us wanted desperately to fit in with the cool kids, and might do almost anything to be accepted?

That's one example of living from a fearful ego, and it prevents us from becoming the glorious, love-filled, creative, and powerful people we were meant to be.

The more we disregard our inner truth and live only for the thoughts, opinions, and ideas of others, the harder it becomes to hear that inner voice. It's one big catch-22.

Our goal then is to be in a state of clear communication with ourselves and Spirit. How can we more easily hear and act on that inner voice of truth?
PS: you don't have to share your truths with others. Keep them private for now.
  • Pose the question to yourself: How do I really feel about ___________________ situation? I might suggest journaling about the answer, or having a conversation with yourself in the car.
  • Ask yourself: What are my gut/heart/mind telling me?
  • Get quiet with it. Contemplate. Daydream.
  • What does my ego want me to think about this situation? These are the old patterns, stories, ideas that don't feel right.
  • What do/don't I want to admit when no one else is watching? In other words, if it weren't for others' thoughts or opinions, what would I really want in this situation?
  • For some of us, more quiet time is in order. The voice of inner truth may speak to us like a whisper at first. Take a walk without your phone or MP3 player and lets your thoughts and feelings meander.
  • Ask yourself: Am I anxious, not sleeping, agitated, not myself, or exhibiting traits that are not "me?" Take this as a clue that in some part of your life, you may be disregarding the voice of your heart.
  • Try the "What I Really Want..." exercise. Get a pad of paper and at least 15 minutes of quiet, alone-time. Ask yourself, "What Do I Really Want?" Jot down the answer. Repeat that cycle at least 50 times and see what surfaces.
  • In a similar vein, ask yourself, "Who Am I?" Jot down the answers. Again, repeat this at least 50 times and prepare for some surprises :-)
What does it feel like when we follow inner truth? This is different from person to person, but for me:
  • I get a sense of "wow, this just feels right" like something clicking into place
  • I'm calm
  • I feel centered
  • My creativity soars
  • I don't make my decisions simply to please others
  • Things fall into place with few obstacles and no drama
Pay attention to the messages you hear from your inner truth and from Spirit. They should be positive, life-affirming, supportive, loving, kind, compassionate, and caring, even if they challenge you to stretch a bit. If you get negative or disparaging comments, they aren't coming from Spirit or your own soul. They are most likely coming from your fear-filled ego, the voice that wants you to play it safe. Remember, Spirit and our souls care about love, connection, altruism, compassion, helping others, enjoying life, laughing, joy, peace, one-ness, living our uniqueness, being creative, and creating heaven on earth. Those are the voices of the Divine as relayed through your heart or inner truth, and it is those voices to which we should heed more in our daily lives. Next time we'll explore what this means for us in real life, when we have bills to pay and kids to raise. Until then, blessings and joy to all of you. Nancy

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