Letting Go and Choosing Peace

By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light

This time of year brings the holiday season and with it, more time spent with family and friends. The tradition is an old one across cultures, going back millennia. In ancient times, especially in colder climates, families and tribal groups spent more time indoors and away from the elements when the seasons turned toward winter. I can imagine them huddled around fires in tepees, long houses, or castles. Our very distant ancestors took time during the colder months to be together indoors telling stories, teaching youngsters the language and culture, or simply laughing, playing games, and telling jokes. 

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You too may be busy entertaining family this holiday season, and whether that is stressful for you or not I hope you take a little time for yourself before the new year comes. If you can, steal away somewhere quiet and give thought to the things you'd like to release as 2015 rolls to a close. It's my belief that it's easier for new things to come into our lives if first we release the tired, old  baggage that holds us back.

This is one way I like to let go of the things that no longer serve me:

1) I grab some small pieces of paper and a pen, and retreat to a place that is easy for me to hear my inner wisdom. This may be a quiet room in my home, a favorite hangout like a coffee shop, or an inspiring place in nature.

2) Next I take some deep belly breaths and relax. Ask my inner wisdom, my guides, or God to show me the top five to ten things keeping me from living my best life. I then write each one down on a separate piece of paper. Some of the things others have come up with include:
  • Fear of death / failure / lack 
  • Persistent negative thinking and self-talk
  • Addictions to food, alcohol, or drugs
  • A troubling health issue
  • Anger management 
  • Fear of starting that business, book, or creative project
  • Attachment to a destructive relationship
3) Once I have five to ten little slips of paper, I create a letting-go ceremony. I start a fire in the fireplace, then hold my little slips of paper in my hand and say a prayer something like: "God, I have in my hands the things that are holding me back. Help me to let go and leave them behind in 2015 so that I can be open to the good things coming in the new year."

4) Next, I read each one aloud and toss it onto the fire: "Fear of failure, thank you for trying to keep me safe but it is time for you to leave my life. I now release you and let you go."

5) At the end, I say a prayer of gratitude for all of the good things in 2015 and ask for what I want in the new year: "Divine, thank you for all of the good you brought me in 2015. Thank you for helping me write and publish my book, for all of the amazing people I have met, and for all of the love I still feel in this world. In 2016, please help me continue my spiritual work here on Earth and to be of greater service to you, to humanity, and to Nature. Amen."

Next time I'll share with you some ideas for starting off the new year in a positive way.

Remember, all in life is a choice. My wish to you this holiday season is that you choose to create peace, love, and joy for yourself and the ones you love.



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