Book Review: The Gratitude Connection by Amy Collette

Don't be fooled by its size. This small book is packed full of ways to help you amp up the good in your life. 

A strong spiritual practice can help us overcome fears and live more from a place of joy and strength. But how do we develop a strong spiritual practice? One way is by focusing on gratitude. But gratitude isn't just an automatic verbal response to someone doing a nice thing for can go much deeper than that, as I am learning this summer.

Amy's book on gratitude is beautifully written in clear, concise language. She walks you through how she came to a practice of giving and feeling deep "thanks," and tells about the positive impact it has had on her life and the lives of others.

As a bonus, at the end of August I will give away one copy of The Gratitude Connection to one subscriber on my email list (sign up at This is in addition to the current giveaway for newsletter subscribers. I am blessed to know Amy, and feel very strongly that her book can change lives for the better.

The Gratitude Connection is available on, or directly from Amy via her website (

And now, for a little insight into why I feel so strongly about this book. About 18 months ago, right after my accident and NDE, I gently (or maybe "gingerly" is more correct) put my life back on a spiritual path. My path is more like a big, sweeping stairway: one "step up" separated by a stretch of a level walkway, then another step up, etc. It has been slow-going at times, but I realize I have a lot to learn and many shifts to make in my attitudes and way of living.

I've been on a level walkway now for a while, but this summer that level walkway entered a dark tunnel. We all have shadows within ourselves that need to be loved and filled with light before we can escort them out of our lives. And being on a spiritual path does not keep us from facing those shadows. In fact, it can make those shadows more obvious.

This summer, a few life stressors have crept up on me and slowly began to erode my sense of joy and light. They are life stressors that anyone would face, and many of us do: little stuff having to do with tight schedules, too much to do, and the ins and outs of starting a business. But without a solid spiritual foundation, those little stressors can sap our emotional resilience and put us into a tailspin of negativity and fear.
I received Amy's book just at the right time. The gratitude piece of my spiritual practice has not been as strong as I would like. There were so many things available for me to focus on when I started my spiritual development in 2014, that I simply had to choose. I chose to focus on love/compassion, and reaching out to others in community. Both of these are important and necessary, but now I see that it is time time for me to strengthen those with a strong practice of true gratitude.

I think of a spiritual practice like building a house. If love and compassion make up the foundation, then gratitude forms the frame upon which we lay the roof, tack up the siding, and add the interior finish work.

My intention now is to strengthen my own gratitude practice, using Amy's book as a guide. Anyone care to join in?