Autumn Workshop

Full-Day Workshop: Oct 3, 2015 Boulder, CO

Awakenings from the Light

This will be a fun, lively, and extraordinary afternoon of empowering information and practical tools to create the changes you desire in your life.
Location: Caritas Center,  5723 Arapahoe Rd., Boulder, CO, 1PM - 4PM

In January of 2014, Nancy Rynes experienced a remarkable near-death experiences (NDE) that completely transformed her life from that of an agnostic scientist to a firm believer in the Divine. After a traumatic bicycling accident, she was in surgery when her soul left her body and traveled to heaven. She was met by a silvery, female form who told her she was being given a second chance. During what seemed like 3 months in Heaven with God, her Guide, and other spiritual beings, she was given many teachings and insights that she could use to bring her life back into alignment with Spirit. 
“Awakenings from the Light” is information she was given, presented in book form. Nancy will walk you through the messages from Spirit and give you exercises for applying them to your life.