A Creative Tangent

I'll be posting more about patience soon. Consider the wait to be an exercise in flexing your patience "muscles."

My day is already shaping up to be a busy one! I have a lot of final details to finish on my book this morning. During the next couple of weeks, I'll work with the design team to finalize the book's cover (it's looking amazing so far!), polish up the interior design, and write my biography and back-cover summary. It's taking shape beautifully and I'll share the cover design as soon as we finalize it.

The other big event for today is this: I'll be spending the afternoon speaking about creativity to the Broomfield Art Guild. Creativity is one of my favorite things to talk about, but it's taken on a new dimension since my near-death experience (NDE).

"Crow Medicine" - one of my left-handed paintings (c) N. Rynes

Being creative has always been very important in my life. Even when I was working more directly in the sciences, having a creative, curious mind made it easier to learn new things, gain new insights, or make connections that I didn't see at first. Curiosity and creativity are linked, in my opinion. We live in a creative, curious mind-space as children but most of us learn to shut it down as we grow older. During my NDE, I learned firsthand that each one of us still has an inner, unique spark of creativity that is Spirit-given. It doesn't go away when we become adults, although for many reasons we may choose to hide it.

"The Old Ones" - this painting combines my left- and right-handed techniques (c) N. Rynes

Allowing my own inner creative light to really shine is important to me because I feel it's my "Thank you" back to God for that gift I was given. My creative spark is different from yours, and your creative spark manifests differently from everyone else's, but that's OK. That's how Spirit intended it. We're each unique, and we're encouraged to fully explore and celebrate our own uniqueness.

I also feel blessed when I'm able to help others fully access and develop their own creativity. So many people are afraid of it, afraid of being different, and scared to stand apart from the crowd. But that's what Spirit wants for us: to love, to be ourselves fully, and live our lives with gratitude for the unique set of gifts we've been given. All of them :-)

"Free Spirits" - mostly a right-handed painting (c) N. Rynes

I do teach classes and workshops on creativity. For more information, please see: AwakeningsFromTheLight.com

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