Christmas Gratitude

The 2014 holiday season is here. But this year instead of simply saying the usual holiday blessings, I'd like to take some time to say a heartfelt "Thank You" to some of our unsung heroes. They live with us, work next to us, shop at the grocery store down the block, and send their kids to the same schools our sons and daughters attend.

I'm talking about people who routinely give of themselves in order to make the lives of others better, not expecting much, if anything, in return.

You probably know some of these folks - heck, you may be one yourself. 

A big Thank You to:
  • First responders everywhere - our police, fire departments, EMTs, search and rescue, and countless others who risk their lives daily to keep us safe
  • Hot Shots and all who battle forest fires to keep us and our homes out of harm's way
  • The good Samaritans who stop to lend a hand to others in need

  • Folks who train service dogs to assist those who require a little extra help in their quest to be independent

  • Volunteers at animal shelters, wildlife rehabilitation facilities, and animal rescue centers who have hearts bigger than the whole of nature
  • Folks who give of themselves to help abused and neglected children around the world
  • Doctors Without Borders and other medical aid organizations who bring medical help to places most of us will never visit
  • Citizens like you and me who work quietly to conserve and protect the health of our environment and natural ecosystems
  • Hospital chaplains who are there for us when we're at our worst but need spiritual support the most
  • Hospice workers who help us have dignity and love during our transitions from this life
  • Meals-on-Wheels volunteers, and others like them, who make sure that those who can't leave their homes have good food on their tables
  • The Marine Corps Toys for Tots volunteers
  • And many, many more who work to make this Earth a better place...
If you know someone like this, someone who works behind-the-scenes to make the things better for others, please consider giving them a big hug and saying a heartfelt "Thank You" the next time you see them. They deserve it :-)

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