Message 8: Listen to Your Heart

Learn to listen to your heart. This is where Spirit puts our own personal instruction manuals. 

Follow its guidance. Our purpose is here - our calling. Follow that small voice, for that is the true voice of The Divine in our lives. Spirit usually works from this quite place and each one of us can access it in our own heart. When we have doubts, when we need guidance, it is there to lead us. 

In Heaven, I learned that Spirit gives us direct access to Divine guidance. It may not always be easy to access it, but it is there if we know where to look. Spirit's guidance is in what we call our “Heart.” Some of us may call it intuition or that internal sense of just knowing. It’s what can help lead us in our choice of career, spouse, home, route home from work, or even vacation destination.

It can sometimes be hard to hear this small voice. In the realm of Spirit, I learned that they can hear it clearly because there are fewer human distractions, so the connection to Divine is more direct. But in our physical bodies, living our daily lives, it can be hard to hear Spirit's guidance. The voice is often quiet, sometimes just a feeling (“gut feeling”). If we don’t know to listen, or how to listen, we might just miss it.

I was shown that praying is a way to strengthen this connection to the Divine Voice. Many of us pray with words and ask for help, which is welcomed, but sometimes we might try "praying" by being quiet, by simply listening. Spirit welcomes this kind of prayer because it opens us more fully to that Loving connection and guidance.

Even with practice, we still might not hear God’s voice over the chatter of our own minds. Practice stilling your mind too, not just your speech or hearing. Sometimes this quiet mind can happen spontaneously while you are doing something else: walking, cycling, riding on a train, or working on a craft. Have you had those times where the world has seemed to fade away and all of your being is enraptured by the task at hand? That is one way to practice the silence that you’ll need in order to hear God’s small voice inside of your heart. 

What will you experience? How will you know what Spirit is trying to communicate?

Sometimes it will simply feel like an inner knowing: perhaps knowing that you need to take a different route home from work, then later finding out your regular route had a two hour delay due to an auto accident. Or  knowing that if you date a particular person, it will only lead to heartache. Or just knowing, somehow, that it is OK to trust your new coworker. Or that a decision you’re making will be right because it simply feels right. If we listen to and acknowledge this type of knowing, it will become stronger and more clear over time. Listen to it. Try trusting it and see what happens.

Sometimes the Divine also sends us people and events to reinforce the instruction guide in our hearts. Have you noticed how sometimes the right person just happens to appear in your life at just the perfect time to help you with something you've been struggling with?

That’s the Divine at work.

Next: some of my experiences with listening to my heart.

More details, including my thoughts, overcoming fears, and additional exercises to help you listen to your intuition, are in the book: Awakenings from the Light.

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