From Heaven: Love, All of the Time

This installment is the second in a short set that gives you the actual teaching I was given on Love while in "Heaven." These are the words the "Angel" gave to  me as she tried to pass on the knowledge that She (and the other Beings of Light) wanted to share with all of us. These are not my words - they are a translation of what I was asked to absorb and to pass along. 

While the bulk of the teachings will be detailed in a longer, more book-like format (currently in the works), these teachings on Love are probably the most important and so I want to share them with you now.

For more information on these Beings of Light (aka "angels") see the Definitions page.

You are not on Earth to simply learn, but to Love.

You are on Earth to love, and to learn to love: everyone, everything. You are meant to find and experience Joy in feeling and expressing Love to others and for your world. It is through the acts of Love and Compassion that you are brought closer to Spirit.

Love For All Times

In the words of my Guide:

"Love is a verb. It is active. Strive to demonstrate your Love to others around you, not just feel it in your heart. Be generous with your time in helping others. Be generous in your caring for those less fortunate, and in giving help to those who need it. Lend a hand to people you do not even know in order to show them your Love as another human being. 
We know that it is easy for you to show Love to others when a disaster strikes. So many of you rise to help others during times of crisis - a flood, an earthquake, a  severe fire. While we salute you for helping out in these times, for showing Love during a crisis, the world needs your Love all of the time, not just during a disaster. Helping others on a normal day is just as powerful and necessary an act of Love as helping out storm victims every few years.
Do not wait for a disaster in order to show your Love and caring to others.

After all, God does not wait for a disaster to strike in order to show His Love and Caring to you. The Love of the Divine surrounds you all of the time, every day, every night, in good times, and in tough times. Try to emulate the Divine’s pattern in yourself, with those around you - give Love, BE Love, as much as you possibly can. Your world will be a better place for your efforts to Love."

More details, including my thoughts and some exercises to enhance your capacity to love, are in the book: Awakenings from the Light.

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