Love: The First Message (Part 1)

You are not on Earth to simply learn, but to Love.
You are on Earth to love, and to learn to love: everyone and everything. You are  meant to find and experience Joy in feeling and expressing Love to others. It is through the acts of Love and Compassion that you are brought closer to Spirit.

Love was the first thing I felt when I came to my senses Over There: it was a LOVE so big and powerful that it felt as though an intense wave of energy blasted through me. This intense, powerful feeling of love brought me to my knees. What I felt was all love, every type of love, and in a big way. It is the kind of BIG LOVE that we humans just cannot fathom inside of our limited experience. I understood that what I felt was the energy of love on a Divine scale and that only when we return to Spirit will we be able to feel and truly understand it.

The First Message wasn't necessarily about that Divine love, though. Rather, it dealt with the main reason that we are here on this planet. We are here to love everyone and everything around us. That's pretty much it. Our primary reason for being is love. To show love to others, to feel love for others, to feel and show love for our surroundings and the planet and everything on it, including ourselves.

Everything comes back to love.

More details, including my thoughts and exercises to grow your love bank, are in the book: Awakenings from the Light.

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