Giving and Receiving Gratitude

By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light

I want to thank all of you for being on this journey with me. Whether you have been here following my story from my NDE in 2014, or you have found me recently, I want you to know that I appreciate every one of you. You have made this past decade fun, interesting, and more enlightening than I ever thought possible.Here in the USA, November is the month we give thanks for all that we have. Yes, it is a good idea to practice gratitude for the entire year, but it is a lovely tradition to dedicate a holiday to giving thanks to others who have helped us over the past 12 months. After all, that is what the first Thanksgiving was about. But back to giving thanks. Gratitude is such a broad topic that I found it challenging to choose an aspect of it on which to focus for this newsletter -- at least until a question from one of my students prompted me to remind you (and me) of something very important. This year I would love for you to consider the cycle of both giving and receiving gratitude. As with everything else in our universe, gratitude is composed of layers of spiritual energy and meaning. But ultimately the energy of gratitude is part of that circle (or cycle) of love. Remember that gracefully accepting gratitude when it is given to you is just as important as you bestowing it on others. Accepting AND giving gratitude keeps you in the flow of love and other wonderful blessings. You can block that flow of love energy by not being or feeling grateful, yes, but refusing to accept the gratitude someone else bestows on you also blocks that energy. 

Can you think of some times when you have gracefully accepted gratitude from others? Have you ever blocked or deflected another's expression of gratitude to you?

Examples of deflecting or rejecting gratitude when someone truly thanks you:

  • "It was nothing" - Well, if it was nothing the other person would not be so grateful.
  • "Don't mention it" - The other person did just mention it because it was important. So just accept it already, and stay in the flow of love energy.

Examples of gracefully accepting gratitude include:

  • "You are welcome" - Simple, direct, and keeps you in that positive energy flow.
  • Giving the other person a warm smile
  • Hugging the giver (as long as you know them, of course)

So this season I hope that you remember to stay in the flow of love and gratitude by giving and receiving.Thank You for being so supportive and encouraging this year and all of the years before. I cannot do this without you :-)

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