Nancy's Guides on Communication with Spirit

 By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light

Article copyright Nancy Rynes

Note: A while back, maybe even over a year ago, my guides gave me some thoughts on communicating with the Divine and those in the spiritual realm. I want to share that message with you here. This message ties in to a workshop I have been led to do that will teach ways that you can communicate with Spirit in a more real-time way. 

Nancy's Guides on communication:

Spirit, your loved ones, masters, and guides are always here, connected to you and listening.  

If it is a dialog you seek, learn to have a quieter mind, or even a child’s mind. Be willing to hear in addition to being willing to speak.

Get quiet and let go of any expectation of contact. Letting go and becoming quiet at least once a day allows room for Spirit to come in. It allows room for you to hear the Divine through the clutter of your mind and your busy life. 

The silence need be only as long as a breath — that is enough for Spirit to whisper. 


Spirit speaks to you on the winds. With a laugh, with a cry. The Divine’s call to you lies in the deepest recesses of your being, in your heart. Heed that call to hear that divine Voice in your life. 

Photo of Woman sitting by peaceful lake

Let go and allow. Let that heartsong guide you. What does it whisper? To love more? To have a child? To help a stranger? To change careers? To become healer, a pastor, or a warrior of spirit? Is it calling you to build homes for those who have none? Or to travel across the world to help sick children?

Photo of man playing saxophone

Your heartsong is Spirit’s main speaker into your life, but there are other ways too. Hear them all better by learning to shut out noise for a short while every day. Get to know who you are at your core. Be honest and truthful with others and yourself. Respect what your heart tells you. For example, if it tells you that your course of study at university is not right for you, pay attention. Is it really Spirit guiding you to consider other options, or is it your fear trying to talk you out of a difficult course of study, even though it is on your life’s path? 

That knowledge takes practice, discernment, clarity, and honoring your own feelings. Dig deep—where did this voice come from? What is it that you really want to do? Be honest. Evaluate. Get clear. Is that message ultimately loving, for your highest good, and prodding you to do better? That is true spiritual communication.

The road of your physical life may seem difficult, and it is for many. We cannot say why humanity allows such. It is up to humanity to evolve itself into something better, just as each individual soul evolves. 

The species will evolve as more of you come to present moment awareness. What does this mean? Awareness of your daily choices, actions, and the impacts they can have on the world around you. And yes each person bears some responsibility. 

You bear the responsibility of your intent and what is in your heart. Whether your intent is to do good or harm, it reverberates as spiritual energy.  Intent is as loud as a thunderclap, and it is your intent that you will face during your life review. Meaning no harm but unintentionally doing harm is not an issue as much as superficially sweet words underlain by malicious intent. We in spirit feel the intent directly.

Awareness. Awake-ness. Attention.

Your goal in this life is to be aware enough in each moment to choose peace over chaos. Choosing love over fear. Exercise your choices and awareness daily. Spirit wishes love and beauty for all those on earth, and embraces each one of you with love.

Drawing of a hobbled horse

It is when you give up the need to be stuck in your old story that you will find your way to peace and joy. Your old stories are as the hobbles around the legs of the horse. They keep you safe or secure to a point but do not allow you the freedom of exuberance or the ability to jump for joy. The hobbles of the old stories in the end may be your undoing for they keep you tied to one place as situations change. The hobbled horse cannot move quickly enough to seek shelter in a sudden storm. The man or woman hobbled by old stories cannot easily navigate the waters of the turbulent rapids. The rapids change constantly. You must be free enough to see, adapt, and act.

Question your stories and let go of the ones that no longer allow you freedom. Or rewrite them—the choice is yours. If you do not let them go, they may hold you back from your best path. 

And remember to bring forth Spirit’s voice, its calling, from inside of you. Don't fear it. Allow it. Make sure it is the voice of light, of love, peace. 

As always, take care, be well, have some fun, and live your blessings,


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