Heaven's Message: We're One

By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light
Are We Separate, or One Human Family?

Separateness is a story we tell ourselves, but is that story really true? What does Heaven say?

In the words of my guide, Mary, who I met during my near-death experience, we're all one. There is no separation. We're all connected spiritually. No matter our skin color, country of origin, or any other human-created division, we in fact are all one.

Most NDErs to whom I have spoken would agree with this statement. We come back not just with the intellectual knowledge that we're all one family here on this planet, but many of us have even seen and felt those connections at a soul level.

Separating ourselves from each other is a choice we make, a story we tell ourselves. But at a spiritual level, and even at a physical level, it's fiction plain and simple. We humans share one planet, one interconnected set of resources, and one basic genome. My genetics aren't all that different from yours, nor are yours much different from your neighbor's. In fact, my genetics include a large swath of contributions from distant ancestors in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Heck, I even have some Neanderthal genes! Most of us would find similar results if we were to analyze our ancestry. I would venture a guess that those who hate based on skin color or continent-of-origin have ancestors from the ethnic groups they claim to hate. Here is one example from Britain that shows an example of the fallacy of racial purity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyaEQEmt5ls (Just one note of caution: those ancestry DNA results you might receive are based on less than 1% of your entire genetic code so if you choose to take one of them, know that in reality, you're even more of an ethnic mix than your results indicate.) Let's not meet hate with more hate. Let's meet it with love, and maybe even some tough love. Over on Facebook I'll be hosting a series of Live sessions (https://www.facebook.com/nancy.rynes) to discuss how we can take some positive steps toward being more accepting of ourselves and each other. In the first session taught amazone of my prayer/visualization techniques. We'll circle the world with Love :-) I'll leave you with this message from Heaven: "If each one of you [on earth] realized the magnitude of connections that exist just among your kind, you would never raise a hand in violence against each other again...you can strengthen the web of humanity by reinforcing one strand at a time. Focus on strengthening love and gratitude as a start." ~Michael
When I look out at a crowd of people, the connections look like this to me:
The Energy connecting us all.
Let's try to remember that on a spiritual level, we are all connected energetically, through the Divine. We exist in the same ocean of Divine Love and what we wish on someone else, we are actually wishing on ourselves. Send only the best to everyone around you and you'll have it returned to you  :-)
I wish you heavenly (and earthly) love.


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Posted by Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light and Messages from Heaven
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