Message 7: Allow Others to Show their Love and Support

Show your love for others by allowing them to show love and live their own lives. Allow them to help you when you need it. Allow them to be compassionate. Allow them to make their own decisions and choices, to be responsible for their own lives. We are each on a different path on the Earth - love and respect the path that person is on, just as you would want them to love and respect your path.

"Wishin' We Had Poles" Oil, 12"x16" (c) Nancy Rynes

Just as we each have the desire to help others in need, others may want to help us when we need it. Let them. We can show our love or caring to others by allowing them to show love, kindness, or compassion back to us. 
Many of us push others away when all they want is to lend a helping hand. Why? Pride, ego, the fear of being seen as “unable” maybe. In many situations, the best thing might be to simply allow the help. It’s OK to not be strong and in control of everything all of the time. Allow space for others to be strong, to lend a hand, and to shine.
Helping each other starts the process of building a community around you, in Spirit. Allowing other people to help us is an act of love. Allow others to show love and support even if it’s in a small way. Leaving the space for others to be compassionate and giving, without ego or fear getting in the way, is a supreme act of love and trust on our parts. By allowing others to help us, we are helping them to live in the Spirit of the Light, to love as Jesus and Buddha and St. Francis loved. How wonderful is that?
Yes, taking responsibility for ourselves and being independent is important, but it’s just as important to come together to build a community in Spirit. If we look at what the word "community" means, we see:

Community:  Commun = shared
Unity: oneness, as one

Shared as one
Coming together as one

Communities in the truest sense of the word are groupings of people with a common bond, coming together, sharing as one. We might share a physical place, like a town, but we could also build a "community" around a shared goal or belief system. The community doesn't need to be a physical place; all it needs is caring, sharing, like-minded group of people coming together. When we share with others by lending a hand, we build a network of support, of caring, and of love. In the most ideal communities, members enable each other to be their best, and allowing others to be giving and generous is one way to enable and encourage the best in each other.
My Guide would like to inspire all of us to work a bit more at building communities of support, whether it's with friends, family, neighbors, church groups, or co-workers. She assured me that building them would make a positive difference in the lives of everyone.

More details, including my thoughts and some exercises in reaching out to others, are in the book: Awakenings from the Light.

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