Divine / Creator / God / Spirit 

I have a difficult time defining what it is that I sensed as the underlying "intelligence" when I was in that Other Place ("Heaven"), and what word to use when describing it. My sense is that the form this entity took was not strictly that of a human - meaning "It" was much bigger and grander than us mere mortals can possibly imagine. I felt as though what we refer to as "God" or "Spirit" was an energy and Intelligence and LOVE that permeated everything. There is nowhere that Spirit is not. I have no idea what God "looked" like. I never saw Him/Her/It with my eyes - I simply felt Spirit with my whole being.  

And what about being created "in God's image?" My sense was that our souls are what was created in the image of this Divinity, not our human forms. Our soul is our own spark of the Divine. In other words, our souls are beings of light and energy and Love. Our human forms just hold this energy for a time here on Earth. And as a note, I use the terms Divine / God / Spirit / Creator interchangeably in both this blog and in my book. To me, they all refer to the same entity - that indefinable Intelligence and LOVE that permeates everything both here in human life and "Over There" in Heaven.


Refers to the Being who accompanied me during my time in Heaven and revealed to me some of the Teachings or Messages that I share on this blog. I still don't know who she was or her place in the grand scheme of things, so to me, calling her my Guide is most appropriate.

Heaven / Other Place / Other Side

I really don't know what to call where I was during my second Near-Death Experience. Perhaps Christians might call it "Heaven." Perhaps an ancient Viking might have called it "Valhalla." I hesitate to put a strict religious term on it because That Place felt as if it was no particular religion, and all of them at the same time. What I do know is that I was only in the outer reaches of It - I wasn't allowed to go in fully. It was as if I were in the vestibule. In this blog and in the book, I use several terms interchangeably to refer to that place but now, mostly for convenience, I use the term "Heaven."

Angels / Beings / We

Again, I hesitate to define the beings there as simply "Angels" since I personally don't have a clear idea what that means. I use the terms interchangeably to refer to those Beings I interacted with in Heaven.